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COVID-19 Policy & Changes to Operations

Due to the current worldwide COVID-19 situation, the Government of Dubai and the Dubai Maritime City Authority have issued certain Safe Operations Requirements for yacht charter operations as precautionary measures to limit the spread of the Coronavirus in the Emirate of Dubai.

The following preventive measures have been applied by us to preserve the health of our charter guests:

  • Our capacities are reduced to 70% capacity per yacht to achieve social distancing.
  • Boats with a capacity of 10 passengers or below are now allowed to operate with full capacity, if passengers are from the same family/group.
  • Individuals with a body temperature of above 38°C are not allowed to board.
  • We ensure that none of our crew has symptoms of COVID-19 before their daily duty.
  • We are ready to isolate any suspected case onboard in the event of showing any COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Masks and gloves are mandatory for all guests onboard including our crew.
  • We regularly sanitise all yachts and ensure that all restrooms are cleaned and sanitized pre- and post-usage.
  • Food and drinks are currently served only in disposable plastic containers.
  • Our staff is trained in maintaining personal health and hygiene.
  • We would prefer cashless payment, if possible.

Thank you for your understanding! We will keep you updated!

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